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Today, customers demand more from their financial institutions and competition from banking and investment alternatives is fierce. SDL has implemented solutions with over 70 global financial institutions and we understand the dynamics necessary to become a digital banking leader.

In a world where depositors and investors use multiple devices during their multi-touch journey, understanding the context around each customer's needs to anticipate their next steps enables you to ensure a relevant, engaging experience that converts.

SDL Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) seamlessly integrates financial institutions' core processing with customer touchpoints, with easy access to analysis tools to capitalise on engagement opportunities around every corner. It should feel like your financial institution understands you, and that it is trying to use the information it has about you to help.

Digital Experience

SDL Web: Take control of your digital ecosystem and connect with depositors and investors worldwide through dynamic web

SDL Campaigns: Financial Institutions can use account level data to personalise trending offers as their customers' transition from web to mobile to branch. The right conversation, with the right person, at the right time is the foundation for unassisted sales and servicing. Its true value can be measured in financial institutions' customer acquisition costs, retention, profitability and customer lifetime value.

Customer Analytics

Profile Analytics
Capture and evaluate the context of every depositor's interaction. Combined with historical customer data and easy-to-set-up marketing rules, you can apply this intelligence to provide investors with relevant online experiences.


SDL Financial Services Industry Language Platform
To successfully address regional markets and capitalise on opportunities, financial institutions need to communicate in the native language of their target audience. The SDL Financial Services Language Platform is built around a robust translation management system to control and automate the translation process, and is supported by a terminology manager to ensure that financial vocabulary and brands are translated consistently across all content. The platform uses a financially tuned machine translation engine, translation services and a team of in-house linguists. By choosing the SDL Financial Services Language Platform you can deliver a localised experience at every point of the customer journey, quickly and with quantifiable ROI.


Global financial institutions are capitalising on digital trends, by striking a balance between branch, web and app services. Depositors and investors want to be able to execute financial transactions on the most convenient medium possible. This may be on a desktop, tablet, kiosk, phone, ATM, in person, or via a call centre, all in their native language.

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