Wave CEO to Present on Trusted Computing at it-sa

Thursday, December 15, 2011 by Wave Systems

Wave Systems will present a series of seminars at it-sa, 11-13 October 2011, one of the pre-eminent IT security trade fairs in Europe.

The seminars will address how private and public sector organisations can secure networks and sensitive data using embedded hardware security built on open industry standards set forth by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

The highlight of the week for Wave will be a presentation from CEO Steven Sprague entitled 'Embedded Device Identification', which outlines the steps IT can take to leverage a security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), as an additional authentication layer for establishing device identity.

What: Embedded Device Identification
When: Wednesday 12 October, 12:45 pm and Thursday 13 October at 2pm
Where: Forum Blue N├╝rnbergMesse GmbH, Messezentrum

Mr Sprague said: "The escalation in security breaches around the globe underscores the fact that traditional forms of security - those that rely on proprietary software - aren't always enough to combat many of today's sophisticated threats. Device identity as an independently managed layer for network access control can give enterprises confidence that only known devices are granted access to information and sensitive resources. User identification alone, whether through digital certificates, one-time passwords or smart cards may not be enough to prevent many types of attacks."

The TPM, a cryptographic security chip that is a standard component on business PCs, features the ability to create, sign and store keys, safe from malware. Benefits of the TPM include the persistent protection of identity information (keys) and low total cost of ownership as there is no additional hardware to acquire and deploy.

A founding member of the Trusted Computing Group, Wave leverages the hardware security capabilities built directly into endpoint computing platforms. Wave's EMBASSY software can help organisations protect sensitive data and their brand, by transforming their self-encrypting drives and TPMs into enterprise-wide encryption and authentication solutions.