Oracle - The world's largest enterprise software company

Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company, and the acquisition of Sun has made it the only company that can deliver a complete, open, and integrated, IT stack to its clients. The Oracle stack includes every software and hardware technology needed to manage business information and streamline business processes, and because the Oracle stack is open and integrated, it reduces IT complexity and increase its TCO.

Why Oracle

Increased regulatory pressures. Complex global operations. Rising demand for innovative customer service. To meet all your business challenges, Oracle for Financial Services delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, preintegrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking and capital markets organizations.

Oracle is #1

Oracle is #1 in Financial Services customer relationship management
Oracle is #1 in Financial Services human capital management
20 of the 20 top banks run Oracle

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U.S. Card Fraud 28 September 2011 Card fraud costs the U.S. card payments industry an estimated US$8.6 billion per year. Although just 0.4% of the US$2.1 trillion in U.S. card volume per year, this number remains a troubling area for the industry due to the volatile nature of fraud — clamp down on fraud in one area, and it will inevitably pop up in a less protected area.


Mobile Technology for Wealth Managment Advisor 28 September 2011 Financial advisors face difficult times. The volatile market conditions force advisors to work much harder to retain their client’s business, while clients demand better service levels from their financial services firms.


Generation Y: The Builders of Tomorrow’s Business 28 September 2011 There have been a number of articles in the media about the impact that Generation Y is likely to have. They suggest that Generation Y is distinctly different from generations that have come before as it is shaped by tools like the mobile and the internet.


Competitive differentiation 28 September 2011 Clients are looking for more basic, low risk products. Such products are inherently commoditized, making differentiation through service a priority. The question is how one can make service delivery noticeably different, and how one can leverage technology to improve this while operating on a limited cost base.


How Gen-Y is Pushing Banks Forward 28 September 2011 Why New Core Systems Matter Now Banks cannot afford to lose any more of their payments franchise. They cannot lose more transactions. And they cannot afford to lose depositors. In fact, it’s essential for banks to grow their customer base. This is why banks are now increasingly looking at targeting untapped segments like Gen Y. When working to reach Gen-Y’s unbanked/underbanked, it is important that banks keep in mind this generation’s unique characteristics. Gen-Y’s preferences for products and services are influenced by the knowledge and experience of their peers, not the marketing messages sent out by companies. This article provides deeper insights into the technology needed for banks to turn agile and meet the evolving needs of segments like Gen Y. read more

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