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A World of Intelligence: A Dive into the Information Market

16 July 2013 by Global Risk Profile

In a world full of challenges, top managers and entrepreneurs have to deal with an ever-growing amount of risks.

Following the crisis of 2008, the number of frauds, counterparts defaults and others hazardous situations have increased massively, forcing executives to be even more cautious about their business relations.

Meanwhile, the legal requirements and consumer concerns for transparency and ethical conducts have also increased the need to know about the third parties involved in their activities.

This broadened scope of threats and deepening of legal frameworks forces every manager and company to protect themselves, through the use of quality information, to avoid considerable damages to their assets and reputations.

This increased demand of valuable information has led, in recent years, to a boom of the due diligence market and the emergence of new actors and new practices, including the investigative due diligence-based open-source information.

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  • A World of Intelligence: A Dive into the Information Market