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At Fraud Dynamics we understand the growing risks of financial crime and believe there is a smarter way to combat these risks. We do this by offering world-class big data fraud analytics and agile fraud management solutions that work. Our adaptive and sustainable detection models, operating within your current monitoring solution, detect anomalous behaviour, whether card fraud, cybercrime or financial crime. And our fraud case management layer easily adapts to the ever changing needs of your customers, business or IT environments. Fraud Dynamics puts you back in the driver seat, so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

We believe there are two key challenges in managing fraud:

  • finding a balance between preventing fraud and managing customer or operational impact
  • the constant need for change due to transforming fraud risks and customer expectations.

Fraud Dynamics helps to overcome these challenges with:

  • high-performing analytics that identify the real risks, functioning within your current detection engine
  • flexible and scalable alert/case management configured to support your processes instead of defining them.

Our Fraud Dynamics team is based on a collaboration between international financial crime experts and analytic experts from the world's best universities, centred around the future of fraud management. Together, we share a clear vision to address the growing risk of financial crime, and we believe our smarter and result-driven solutions realise this vision.

Anomaly/outlier detection beats outdated signature methods

Existing solutions come up short by focusing too narrowly on fraudulent behaviour:

  • signature-based detection techniques rely on a historical repository of "signatures" - historical patterns of fraudulent behaviour and events
  • preventing fraud with signatures becomes a game of "Whack-a-Mole". As intelligent opponents quickly circumvent signatures, rules need constant tweaking to maintain efficacy.

Our anomaly/outlier detection methods take a more comprehensive approach by modelling all behaviour, both fraudulent and non-fraudulent. This provides a complete and robust view of the world and makes it more difficult to circumvent detection:

  • focusing on anomalous behaviour in general rather than specific "signatures" drastically reduces the need to constantly update the rules catalogue
  • defence-in-depth becomes a reality and new fraud patterns are detected without the need to know the detailed modus operandi.

Low false positives, low impact implementation

By using our efficient output optimization algorithms, Fraud Dynamics ensures your transaction and event monitoring increases fraud detection ratios and drastically lowers the false positives. The days of big sweep rules, detecting fraud at the expense of major customer and operational impact, are over. Fraud Dynamics targets the real risks and enhances sustainable management of the customer and operational impact. No need for new systems or data streams. Our customers have experienced the direct and significant benefits of our solution, which operates inside their current monitoring solution; i.e. no IT integration, and based on existing data and capabilities.

Your customer comes first

Fraud management it is all about making the right decisions, taking the right actions and, most importantly, minimising the impact on customer experience. One of the most difficult problems to solve is answering the continuous need for adaption due to the dynamics of fraud and managing the "jungle" of core financial, CRM and reporting applications.

Your customer comes first, but your daily reality of projects, process changes and systems shows that this is easier said than done in terms of fraud management. Managing the complexity is difficult. Rigid back office applications and the need for rapid mitigations lead to a web of temporary "work-around" solutions; an average of 5-25 different applications are currently used to run an alert handling and fraud management operation.

Back in the driver seat using agile and efficient case management

People are not spending time on value-adding tasks. Valuable agent time is spent on manual repetitive activities rather than analysis, customer care and swift handling of fraud. An agile, single fraud solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing detection engines and back office systems to manage this web of complexity puts you back in the driver seat.

Build for change: make sure you can worry about your customers and business, not your process changes

  • change, or add, your process in seconds rather than weeks
  • an intuitive way of working the way you want lowers complexity for the agent
  • single view of your customer and the risks
  • consistent and efficient fraud-handling based on automated action protocols
  • flexible integration makes it work on top of your current IT architecture.

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