March Networks introduces new dashboards and reporting capabilities in Searchlight business intelligence software

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 by March Networks

March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent video solutions, is pleased to introduce the next evolution of its powerful Searchlight software. Used by leading banks and retail organisations worldwide to extract valuable information on customer service, merchandising, operations, compliance and more, March Networks Searchlight™ helps businesses improve performance and profitability. Integrating clear surveillance video, business data and highly-accurate analytics, the software also enables organizations to proactively detect fraud and theft, and reduce investigation times by as much as 90%.

With the launch of Searchlight 4.6, customers benefit from new dashboards and reporting capabilities that make it even easier to analyze, compare and share critical information. Key among these new capabilities are:

  • New summary dashboard views and drill-down filtering. Available in Searchlight's Business Analytics reporting tool, the new dashboards enable users to compare aggregated data and trends from multiple locations more effectively, based on their own key performance indicators (KPIs). Users can filter data by analytic, site or customized grouping across their organization, and quickly drill-down to a granular level when needed. A retail operations manager, for example, could view people counts from all locations, then drill down to get exact numbers for each of the four entrances at a single site. A district manager could do the same to view the information from his district only. Users can also save their own custom reports and dashboard views for convenience.
  • Automatic email notifications with images. This new feature in Searchlight's Operations Audit enables organizations to share snapshots (in low or high definition) by email with select users on a set schedule. The reports can include images from all cameras at each site, or from select cameras only, such as all front entrance images. A large March Networks retail customer that is already using this feature to provide district managers with a daily overview of their showroom floors reported a 30% improvement in merchandising compliance within four months.
  • Multiple image export to email. Another Operations Audit addition, this practical feature makes sharing video images quick and easy. Users simply right-click and select the images they want to export, and the software will automatically add them to the user's email application as attachments.

Other new Searchlight features include the ability to automatically export business analytics data from all sites, cameras and zones on a set schedule, ensuring that key reports are always ready and easily accessible. As well, new embedded hyperlinks in the software's Business Rules Summary email notifications allow users - in particular loss/fraud prevention investigators - to move quickly into the software to view video evidence and the exact exceptions results.

"When customers start using Searchlight, two things usually happen fairly quickly. First, they are thrilled with the business insights the software provides, and second, they start brainstorming about new ways to apply that information and who in the organization could also benefit," said Douglas Wong, vertical software application product manager, March Networks. "Several of the new capabilities we've introduced have been inspired by our customers and we look forward to demonstrating them to partners and prospects."

March Networks will showcase its new Searchlight business intelligence dashboards and reporting capabilities in Booth 26047 at the ISC West Conference & Exposition, 11-13 April 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

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