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As the pioneer of Managed Availability, we help organisations fulfil business outcomes. In the All-time™ world, success is judged on the dependability and availability of systems and data. But our job goes beyond simply keeping everything up and running to understanding how information availability fits into your bigger picture.

Cloud services

As cloud adoption gathers momentum, our services catalogue and repeatable processes enable our customers' IT departments to position themselves as cloud service brokers, and make themselves approachable to business units for advice, facilitation and support.

Data centre and managed services

Technology touches everything, yet it's practically invisible - until it fails. No business can afford to tie up unlimited capital in its data centre for contingency purposes, so rely on Sungard AS to provide continuous managed availability through our people, processes and infrastructure, to make the "always-on enterprise" a reality.

Business continuity and recovery

Could your business remain operational in adverse circumstances? At Sungard AS, we've been ensuring reliable recovery of businesses' critical functions in every conceivable scenario for over 30 years, supporting thousands of disaster declarations in complex environments.

Networks and security

Many outsource providers specialise in either networking or security, but Sungard AS can deliver the blend of managed services you need to span both disciplines. We bring both breadth and depth of experience to building and managing secure and resilient networks, so you can rely on us to deliver the services needed to keep you connected and protected at all times.

Applications and software

As your application environment grows in size and complexity, the job of keeping applications available is more demanding than ever. Sungard AS delivers application management and hosting services you can rely on, with enterprise-grade infrastructure, robust service level agreements and highly skilled application specialists.

IT consulting services

Sungard AS IT consulting services give you the benefit of world-class IT management consulting expertise, proven methodologies, and the ability to translate market dynamics and business drivers into workable strategies and tactical change programmes.

Unrivalled heritage. Unquestionable trust

It means our promise is the only one our customers need.

Over 35 years of industry leadership in running and recovering complex IT systems worldwide. Today we manage rich blends of diverse IT services on bespoke Hybrid IT technology platforms. Whether it's 20 years old or bleeding edge, we've already supported a customer with that scenario. It's because Sungard Availability Services provides an approach that's as personal as your business requirements - helping combat the wide range of challenges your company throws at you, from legacy to cloud and resiliency to continuity of your people. We help you to adapt and deliver the business outcomes that are right for you.

All-time™ is here

  • We were the first business continuity provider in the world to be certified to BS 25999
  • We operate over 80 highly-resilient facilities worldwide
  • We have over five million square feet of operations space
  • We operate 14 data centres across Europe
  • We have three cloud-enabled data centres inside the British Isles
  • We have achieved 100% uptime in over 35 years of business
  • We've recovered more than 1,300 companies in the last 20 years - another 100% success rate
  • We are vendor agnostic so can work with the systems and platforms you have
  • We are committed to operational excellence and comply with a number of standards, including: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, IGSoC, PCI DSS, ISAE3402, BS 25999.

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Sungard Availability Services
Contact: Simon Shepherson
+44 (0)808 238 8080

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For finances that can't devalue 19 August 2015 Finance is global. Deals happen across countries and continents, and never stop. Investors, traders and buyers must stay connected permanently, everywhere. Banking services must be delivered faster, more efficiently and seamlessly for less cost. This brochure tells the story of some financial organisations using Sungard AS to deliver all-time services to theirs, and why.


Create the future 19 August 2015 Written in conjunction with banking, finance and insurance’s leaders, the BFI Key Influencer Report furthers the conversation on the future of IT within the industry, by talking to those who help to shape it. Looking behind the ‘headlines’ of the BFI markets, it takes a more in-depth look at what was being said day-to-day by those within it.


For business that never stops 19 August 2015 Sungard AS partners with you to understand your unique business needs, to provide production and recovery services tailored towards achieving your business outcomes, and support the unique needs of your customers, investors, traders and buyers. Discover how we work alongside you to customise the right environments to meet your needs quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.


Accounting for the Cloud 19 August 2015 Financial services organisations have been kept on their toes in recent years, partly due to the introductions of cloud computing, digital banking and round-the-clock transactions, all of which have changed the sector's relationship with customers. 24/7/365 availability and infrastructure flexibility are crucial. Download our report on how to cure the FS ‘Cloud Hangover’ here.

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