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Diebold Nixdorf is the world leader in driving connected commerce for the financial and retail industries. Drawing on a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge systems technology, multi-vendor software and service excellence, we provide end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes, with a customer-centric approach that ensures a personalised partnership and solutions that fit your organization's unique challenges.

With 25,000 employees operating in more than 130 countries around the globe, we offer the scale and expertise you need to handle the "always on" automation needs of our digitally driven world, with a portfolio that ranges from design, implementation and solution integration to day-to-day operations.

Branch Transformation

The way people control their finances is changing. Digital technologies, innovative business models and alternative services are reducing footfall to traditional branches - yet the iconic features of a retail banking mix, above all the personification of financial services, remain vital consumer touchpoints. The branch network needs to transform and make fundamental improvements to survive.

The ability to develop unique transformation strategies based on current market dynamics and individual branch metrics is what sets our team apart. Diebold Nixdorf provides our customers with solutions and global expertise to deliver the consumer experiences that drive revenue and growth while making the branch network more efficient and differentiated. This is accomplished by a segmented branch network featuring an optimal mix of branch types, redefined and efficient processes, innovative technology and our ability to integrate a myriad of platforms and consumer touchpoints into one experience.

True Cash Cycle Management

Easy access to cash - anywhere, anytime, around the clock and around the world is one of the most significant global consumer trends. But the hidden costs of cash management are also significant, and include the time spent handling, transporting, counting and managing cash - not to mention the increased attention to security when cash is being handled at various touchpoints.

With enhanced breadth, scale, infrastructure and innovative capabilities, we offer financial institutions a unique opportunity to drive efficiencies through a holistic approach powered by world-leading technology that has the potential to dramatically enhance not only the consumer experience at a self-service terminal, but also the experiences of the employees on the back end. Our solutions reduce repetitive cash-handling tasks and free branch staff for higher value consumer interactions. And they help deliver better, more responsive service, resulting in higher consumer confidence, trust and loyalty.

Consumer-Centric Experience

Spurred by our increasingly omnichannel world, financial institutions are on a journey of change - yet after decades of cobbling together legacy systems and building infrastructure engrained in a multichannel approach, they're in a position of responding to market forces rather than driving them: in short, they are reactive rather than proactive.

Our end-to-end, multi-vendor software portfolio and proven strategies help banks transform their branch networks by migrating - in clear and planned stages - to an omnichannel model within their existing IT platform.

We manage the industry's most comprehensive suite of retail banking products and solutions, featuring pioneering technology driven by our customers' needs. And, we have a deep understanding of branch processes and process automation. Not only does a high level of automation translate into cost-optimised processes, it also gives branch staff more time to interact and consult with consumers to generate more sales opportunities.

Operational Excellence

The new global financial climate, consumers' evolving demands for more choice in their banking affairs, and ever-present cost pressures are all converging to transform the interactions between financial institutions and their consumers - necessitating a change in the operating processes and procedures of retail banks themselves.

Operational excellence encompasses our expertise in managing and operating self-service, assisted self-service, IT infrastructure, applications and business processes for the retail banking industry, delivering an array of benefits in two main areas: maximised availability and enhanced efficiency.

Acting as a close, collaborative partner, Diebold Nixdorf provides the process improvements, services and solutions to simplify operations, so your organisation can focus on what it does best: building and maintaining existing relationships with consumers.


The retail banking industry faces many challenges - but security tops the list. Criminals are ready to take advantage of ATMs' unmanned hardware and open-standardised software architecture to exploit vulnerabilities and loopholes in security processes, management and monitoring. To deal with these threats, attack vectors or fraudulent techniques, it is crucial not just to secure the ATM, but the entire ecosystem around it.

Covering everything from endpoint protection, identity and access control, to cash, data and software security and monitoring, our solutions and security experts help prevent, detect and protect against logical and physical attacks, and fraudulent techniques. Focusing on both today's and tomorrow's security threats and requirements, we work with our customers as their security partner, keeping their consumers' assets (cash and personal information) safe, their systems intact and their reputation secure.

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