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VIX Verify is a global leader in digital consumer onboarding, identity verification and KYC compliance solutions. The company was founded in Australia in 2006 and maintains a physical presence in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. VIX Verify serves over 350 client organisations globally, including leading financial institutions and FinTech providers. The company is an innovator, being both an owner and integrator of best-in-breed verification technologies. Our solutions are delivered via a global, SAAS-based platform through mobile and web channels. Our platform is called "greenID".

Businesses trust VIX Verify's greenID platform to provide seamless customer onboarding and develop integrated identify verification services, responsive to increasing regulatory requirements. VIX Verify enables businesses to easily validate the identity of their customers, in real-time, during the onboarding process. greenID is integrated into any digital environment or channel, including mobile, desktop, point of sale and backoffice. Customised to the required level of identity assurance by product, market or channel

Our greenID platform provides a completely online ID verification solution enabling organisations to register and authenticate new consumers through web and mobile channels without the need to physically visit a branch or store. The solution is designed to promote trust with users, provide a pleasing user experience and importantly, to meet regulatory and corporate KYC compliance requirements. The use of biometric tools, document authentication and independent data sources for verification ensure that the process is not only compliant but is quicker, more secure and more accurate than could be expected through a traditional human-based face to face identity verification/authentication. A further benefit in online environments is the ability to complete a registration process online in real time. Our solution eliminates the drop-off rates associated with traditional legacy workflows, improving the effectiveness of using online channels to onboard new consumers and generate online commerce.

greenID meets each country's compliance standards of KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering), CTF (counterterrorism financing), as well as other industry specific regulations. greenID is an innovative platform, and the only one of its kind, which combines OCR and facial recognition technology to verify and authenticate consumer identities and documents.

The goal of our solution is to provide organisations with the following benefits:

  • quick, accurate and user-friendly online and mobile consumer onboarding
  • compliance with MAS know your customer, anti-money laundering and local data privacy regulations
  • real-time consumer identity verification and sanctions/PEP monitoring
  • automated identity document and facial biometric authentication
  • centralised platform with robust administrative functionality and audit trail
  • flexible and easy integration methods, including full-service API and Mobile SDK.

Dr Allan Sullivan - Director

Dr Allan Sullivan brings more than 30 years of international experience in technology and engineering companies, and has held a number of executive roles in technology-based companies. Allan is an advisor to the Utilico/Ingot Group of companies and director of a number of private companies in Australia and overseas. He was also previously the CEO and director of ERG Group, and a member of the executive board of Siemens Building Technologies Asia Pacific.

Simon Herron - Head of International Business

Simon has extensive experience in global business and market development. He brings a superior knowledge of online payments, digital currency, risk management and corporate strategy to VIX Verify. With over five years' experience leading a high growth technology company and nine years' experience in multinational technology engineering, Simon is the principal in VIX Verify's international business expansion.

Michael Harmer - CTO

Michael Harmer has over 20 years' of software development experience working for start-ups, independent software vendors, consulting organisations and government. Since joining VIX Verify as the chief technology officer Michael has successfully aligned key business targets and stakeholder considerations to deliver a comprehensive product roadmap for identity verification that continues to expand.

James Smith - CEO AUS/NZ

James Smith's corporate experience extends largely through his years at major financial institutions including HSBC and National Bank of Australia (NAB). He brings a deep understanding of the importance and true value of 'knowing your customer' to his role as CEO, VIX Verify Australia and New Zealand, James' solution selling, professional approach has allowed him to leverage key business relationships for strategic growth while also maintaining a strong and motivated team environment

Ken Burrows - Founding Member & Global Head of Sales

Ken is an experienced sales and management consultant with extensive background in the field of electronic verification. With over 20 years' experience providing enterprise solutions to organisations such as Australia Post, National Australia Bank and the Commonwealth Government, Ken has been instrumental in the expansion of VIX Verify to the world.

We have offices in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, USA and South Africa.

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Vix Verify Brochure Europe 21 September 2016 VIX Verify provides customers worldwide with the most trusted, convenient and compliant combination of consumer on-boarding and identity verification solutions. The SAAS solution is an end-to-end identity service integrating comprehensive global data coverage, sanctions and PEP lists, documents and biometric verification delivered via a flexible multi-channel platform.

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