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Cannon Technologies is a global leader in the provision of data centre enclosures. Industry has undergone a revolution in technological advance. Cannon Technologies has maintained its premier position as an international sector leader. Over the years we have adapted well to the changes required in data centre environments and can now provide bespoke solutions for the telecomms, electronics, IT and financial sectors.

Turnkey data centre solutions

Turnkey Data Centre Solutions are totally scalable for both modular and traditional data centres. From a new, modular multi-mega-watt DC through to remote data collection enclosures and a simple patching wall box, our solutions are in use 24/7 by many or the world's leading data providers, municipal departments and telecommunications providers.

Cannon offers solutions for low to high density requirements for every environment. A team of experienced engineers with over 40 years of product knowledge produces some of the most efficient and functional IT infrastructure technology available.

True scalable solutions enable 'pay as you grow' expansion of a space from sub 3KW to 20KW per cabinet and more. An extensive range of cabinets, racks and enclosures is complemented by a huge selection of aisle and pod layouts as well as space-saving sliding doors and our active aisle roof, which revolutionised hot and cold aisles in the white space.

Modular building solutions

Modular building solutions built from Cannon's own ground-breaking modular system (MDC), and ISO and wide container formats suit 40 to 250KW data centre requirements. High resilience and efficiency is also possible using close-coupled cooling solutions managed and monitored with Cannon DCM.

Cannon Technologies provides innovative infrastructure solutions for IT equipment worldwide. Cannon's extensive range of racks, cabinets, patching frames and wall boxes is complemented by a huge range of accessories to suit every requirement in the data centre and server world.

Our ground-breaking aisle containment solutions are available as new-build or retrofit systems, encompassing third party enclosures and devices.

Cannon Technologies has a long history of product development for military and civilian applications. This broad-based experience has been fundamental to the development of a wide range of integrated outdoor enclosure systems. In addition, Cannon offers thermal management and diagnostic systems.

Cannon Power

Cannon Technologies has tackled the issue of power head on. From megawatt systems down to rack mount UPS and switchgear Cannon Power can provide resilient, efficient power to meet your needs. Just some examples include:

  • transformers and high voltage distribution
  • low-voltage distribution
  • generators and ATS switches
  • UPS and switchgear (3MW to 10kva)
  • rack/cabinet power strips and accessories
  • DC power systems and 'virtual power'.

Hardware is delicate and highly sensitive to its environment. "Cannon Cool" solutions are suitable for high-performance CPUs and equipment. They are designed precisely to suit your application requirements. Allowance is made, not only for the conditions inside the rack or aisle, but also for the ambient conditions.

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Modular solutions 12 November 2015 As banks shift more of their products and services online, they’re prioritising investment in the data centres that make it all possible. Future Banking talks to Matt Goulding, managing director at Cannon Technologies, about how the company is working with financial institutions across the UK and Europe to drive down costs by reducing capex and opex, while delivering more efficient modular data centres for financial institutions globally.

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