Castile Compliance will use ACS’ compliance risk management software service to implement and manage compliance programs by automating and documenting the policies and procedures of hedge funds, broker-dealers, private equity firms, mutual funds and investment advisers.

Castile Compliance will configure ACS’ software for each of its clients to match the firm’s policies and procedures. ACS provides Castile Compliance with the power to implement and update the customized compliance risk programs its clients need to have.

Bill Cathriner, managing director of Castile Compliance, said: “Castile Compliance provides a suite of compliance services, including policies and procedures updates and outsourced compliance management, designed to protect a firm’s brand and reputation. ACS’ technology allows us to upgrade a firm’s compliance operations from outdated manual methods to the automated procedures investors and regulators are demanding.”

John Logan, president of ACS, said: “The power of the ACS software combined with the expertise of Castile Compliance is a perfect solution for both unregistered hedge funds that must put in place an effective compliance program before registering and financial institutions facing complex compliance risk management challenges that can only be solved by automation.”