Offered in beta since December 2009, the Zync card brings together the financial control of the pay-in-full charge card with the added flexibility to select rewards and benefits called ‘Packs’ that are tailored to specific lifestyle interests and spending habits in categories such as music, fashion, food, travel and more.

Based on the feedback collected from customers, American Express is also introducing six new Zync Packs and made some changes to the original four Packs that were tested during beta.

Mary Hines, vice president of Zync product management at American Express, said: “With the Zync card, we’ve taken a completely new and unique approach in product development by asking people to step inside American Express and join our design team. Through that collaboration, we found that people in their 20s and 30s are just as concerned about wisely managing their money as they are about being empowered to further pursue their interests and passions – the Zync card allows them to do both.”