The connectivity to Nasdaq OMX’s Nordic markets is provided in various ways; London based clients can connect to Nasdaq OMX’s Nordic market engine located in Stockholm, clients located at the Nasdaq OMX proximity centre in Stockholm can connect to the Atrium Network point of presence co-located at the Nasdaq OMX centre, and from there connect to clients and venues in London or elsewhere on the Atrium Network platform.

Additionally, other Stockholm-based participants, will be able to connect to the Atrium Network PoP in the Nasdaq OMX Data Centre, and from there, connect to the venues and clients as they require whether located in London or overseas.

Emmanuel Carjat, CEO of Atrium Network, said: “Bringing on Nasdaq OMX’s Nordic markets is a further step in Atrium Network’s development of its choice of venues and depth of geographic reach. Atrium Network’s ultra low latency, multigigabit scalable platform, offers firms a competitive speed advantage over other firms relying on older connectivity technology.”

Carl-Magnus Hallberg, senior vice president of global IT services at Nasdaq OMX, said: “Our open connectivity model gives our customers a greater choice in terms of access and connectivity and we are delighted that Atrium Network’s customer base is now able to connect to our Nordic markets.”