Bank Simpanan Nasional Bhd (BSN) will launch online banking services in Indonesia in the first quarter of 2010, reported The Star Online. Datuk Adinan Maning, general manager and CEO, has signed an agreement with technology providers Cyber Village Sdn Bhd and IBM Malaysia to offer the service.

Mr Maning said: “We are not the last bank to introduce Internet banking as there are others who have yet to launch theirs. The reason for the delay is that we needed to put the proper infrastructure in place and we have done it and the bank feels now is the right time to launch the service.”

Norazian Ahmad Tajuddin, deputy chief executive for consumer banking and business development, said that the bank would target younger segment of the Indonesian population to capture at least 10% of 7.5m customers in the first year of its launch itself.

BSN is said to have invested about RM5m for the online service and would soon extend it to include submission of loan applications. The bank is also planning to set up internet kiosks at its branches over the next six months. With this service, BSN hopes to cut down operational costs by optimising internal systems and processes and reducing over-the-counter transactions, reported the web site.