Oberthur Smart PIN, which enables PIN codes to be securely delivered to cardholders’ mobile phone handsets via SMS, allows cardholders to request a PIN code using their mobile phone and a secret authentication code shared with the card issuer. The PIN code is then sent via SMS to the cardholder’s mobile handset.

The PIN can be received instantly, regardless of the cardholder’s physical presence, thus providing convenient solution for cardholders. The BGZ bank is currently offering Smart PIN to customers applying for new as well as replacement cards.

Smart PIN reduces frauds like as man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition, PIN codes are stored and transported securely and the data is double encrypted. Moreover, it allows the issuers to track the progress of PIN requests to ensure the PIN code is delivered successfully in each case.

Grazyna Ciurzynska, director of the bank and credit card department at BGZ Bank in Poland, said: “In comparison with traditional PIN mailers, this solution enables our customers to receive PIN codes in a much faster and safer way. Smart PIN will contribute towards enhancing the quality of services provided by the bank.”

Eric Duforest, managing director for card systems division in Europe at Oberthur Technologies, said: “We are committed to developing new products and services that can help banks improve their relationship with their cardholders. Smart PIN is a revolutionary solution which brings a range of benefits to BGZ as well as to the cardholder, including improved efficiencies and enhanced security.”