MK Decision (MK) announced that Citizens State Bank, a $670 million-asset community bank in Indiana has selected MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) to offer their customers an enhanced digital onboarding experience. MK’s CCOS features a mobile-first, online credit card shopping and application experience.

Citizens State Bank is a cornerstone of their local community, driven by strong relationships and award-winning customer service. When it came to choosing a technology partner to digitize their credit card onboarding process, their customers were their first priority. “With MK’s solutions, we can offer our customers a clean user interface that is mobile responsive. It’s clear from a technology perspective, MK Decision focuses on the needs of the end-user,” said Director of Data Analytics & Marketing at Citizens State Bank Justin Dunmyer.

Citizens State Bank was introduced to MK’s onboarding workflow process through its trusted partner, ICBA Bancard. With MK’s CCOS, Citizens State Bank revolutionized their banking experience. With SalesFunnel, MK’s descriptive product-detail landing pages, the bank’s customers can make informed decisions on the financial products they apply for. AppFlow leads customers through an intuitive, paperless application with guided workflows and secure data inputs. Once the application process is complete, customers electronically sign disclosures with SecureSign, and safely submit their application with SecureTransfer. Customers are automatically sent Messaging with status updates throughout the onboarding process ensuring confidence in Citizens State Bank’s brand.

Looking deeper into our partnership, we align on the commitment to strengthen local economies and keep hard-earned money in the pockets of the community. Citizens State Bank has affirmed their dedication to their customers by offering digital access to credit amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. MK Chief Revenue Officer Jon Benamoz concludes that, “Citizens State Bank balances the line between tradition and innovation. With nearly 150 years of banking experience, they recognize the benefit of providing customers online access to essential financial products. As an institution that has earned the trust and respect of their community, Citizens State Bank enhances their banking practices with the use of technology.”

In light of 2020’s events, Citizens State Bank never faltered on offering exceptional customer service through the use of digital channels. “According to a recent survey, 63% of US citizens said they were more inclined to try a new digital app for banking than they were before the pandemic.” (Mitic, 2020) In recognition of the need for financial products at the touch of their customers’ fingertips, Citizen State Bank offers online credit card origination.

We believe in fostering deep customer relationships to ensure communities are positively impacted by our products. Director of Data Analytics & Marketing at Citizens State Bank Justin Dunmyer spoke to our customer-oriented attitude, stating that, “at MK everyone is energetic, authentic, and always responsive. Throughout our partnership, I have seen products develop quite quickly. MK really has the right thought process on the future of banking.”

The relationship cultivated between our company and our customers is our highest priority. By treating our customers with the family values ingrained in our company culture, we have developed a close relationship with Citizens State Bank. After months of working together online, our team had the opportunity to meet Citizens State Bank’s team face to face at the Jack Henry TechConnect in San Diego. With offices located across the country, this was the first time we were able to connect in person and share our common FinTech interests. Each interaction with our customers is extremely important to us as we work to build lifelong relationships.

With the future in mind, Citizens State Bank embarked on the road to digital transformation with us by their side. Citizens State Bank is motivated by our innovation, drive to exceed customer expectations, and commitment to fulfill the bank’s requirements. Empowered by our solutions and team, Citizens State Bank has successfully delivered their valued customers around-the-clock service for credit card products.