The Asset Strategy New Opportunities Fund brings a tradition of risk management and global perspective to its portfolio. It is managed by Jonas Krumplys, CFA, who has been an assistant portfolio manager on the larger Ivy Asset Strategy Fund for the last two years and has been with the Ivy Funds organization for six years.

Mr Krumplys has more than 20 years of industry experience. He, as part of the overall asset strategy team, will work closely with Avery and Ryan Caldwell, who co-manage the larger fund.

The Asset Strategy New Opportunities Fund will invest its equity allocation primarily in companies within the small- to mid-cap range (capitalizations within the range of $0.5bn to $10bn). By virtue of its smaller asset base, Ivy asset strategy new opportunities fund looks to realize benefit on the margin from positions in these smaller, high-growth firms.

Michael Avery, chief investment officer of Ivy Investment Management and co-portfolio manager of the Ivy asset strategy fund, said: “Ivy asset strategy new opportunities fund extends the asset strategy approach to include smaller, high growth companies, especially in emerging and frontier markets. For investors, the new fund is a complement to the larger Ivy asset strategy fund, which typically focuses on large-cap equities within its broader, go-anywhere strategy.”