Developed in partnership with Talend, Kurtosys EDM provides an integrated platform for managing an organization’s information systems, with functionality for data extraction, modeling, capture, integration, synchronization and inter-application data exchange.

Paul Lumsden, head of product management at Kurtosys, said: The requirement for effective data calculation and distribution capabilities across the asset management enterprise is a result of two continuous and fundamental operational challenges: the ongoing demand for a more pro-active analytic process for assessing investment decisions and managing risk, combined with the need for common, accurate, and timely information across all of the investment business lines for reporting and analytics.”

François Mero, general manager for EMEA at Talend, said: Kurtosys brings market knowledge and expertise to Talend’s core product and offering, enabling us to penetrate further a very interesting marketplace. Our partnership brings to this market the best of the data management industry, in capability and functionality, at an optimized pricing point.