British banking and insurance company NatWest Group has announced its integration of OneID digital security service into the Adobe Acrobat Sign platform to enable bank-verified digital identity.

NatWest Bank will deploy OneID’s bank-verified digital identity solution for the lender’s structured finance business in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

OneID’s digital identity solution offers global coverage in more than 200 countries.

The integrated approach within Adobe Acrobat Sign is said to ensure a secure and streamlined document. It is expected to offer an inclusive signing experience for internal and external stakeholders.

OneID CEO Paula Sussex said: “NatWest’s partnership with OneID exemplifies their commitment to deliver innovation and security in its identity verification processes.

“OneID’s solution perfectly delivers on this commitment and supports NatWest’s drive to deliver a seamless and secure banking experience for its customers.”

NatWest Group said that anyone with online banking in the UK, Sweden, Finland, and Norway will be able to confirm their identity using their bank before signing a NatWest leasing agreement.

The transition to OneID follows NatWest Group’s review of the existing verification processes for document and contract signing for its leasing business in the Nordics.

Regardless of borders or nationalities, OneID’s unified solution delivers NatWest customers with three quick and easy digital verification methods. These include OneID’s UK-based bank-verified digital identity verification for customers with UK bank accounts.

Besides, customers with Nordic bank accounts can confirm themselves using local bank ID solutions. The OneID document-scanning solution also allows customers to verify their identity through government-issued identity documents.

NatWest application programming interfaces (APIs) bank head Kevin Dearing said: “Through utilising OneID’s Digital Identity solution within Adobe Acrobat Sign, NatWest is streamlining business processes while strengthening the security of signatories.

“NatWest has been enabling customers to consent to share bank-held identity attributes with OneID so it is great to see a use case for these services emerge from within NatWest.”