Following the launch of version 5 in September 2009, release 5.1 expands the breadth and depth of WealthManager’s portfolio management features by leveraging the advanced analytics of Odyssey’s Triple’A Plus suite. It consists of a number of features, allowing users to select a universe of portfolios on which to perform many different analysis.

In addition, many drill-down functions have been added for exploring the details of individual portfolios, and individual detail pages within the application have been extended to provide deeper and more flexible asset class-specific analysis.

Another development in WealthManager 5.1 is the translation tool, which makes it possible to implement and customize the system directly in the user’s preferred language.

Greg Conley, CEO of Odyssey Financial Technologies, said: “WealthManager 5.1 will bring both functional and technological benefits to our customer base. The new release includes new portfolio analysis features that significantly enhance the capabilities of the portfolio management module, and introduces IBM’s Cognos as our standard reporting technology, which is in line with the Deep Embed agreement we concluded with IBM in June 2009.”