Built with Adobe AIR, Xtend uses the same back-end technology as the optionsXpress web based platform and oX Mobile that helps traders to move smoothly across platforms, choosing the access method and applications that are right for when and how they want to trade, with no interruption or delay.

Xtend features a fully customizable trading desktop that lets traders choose the tools, applications, and look-and-feel that works best for them, whether they are placing advanced options orders or simple stock purchases. Xtend applications allow traders to place trades, access charts, chains, and ladders that support ‘single click’ creation and execution of advanced market and limit orders.

The drag-and-drop functionality lets traders grab a symbol, drop it into a chart to see patterns, then drop it into chains to get pricing, and finally drop it into an order ticket where they can see Regional BBO quotes.

Xtend also has applications that offer Twitter and RSS feeds directly in the platform and a community live chat application that lets traders communicate with each other.

David Fisher, CEO of optionsXpress, said: “What sets Xtend apart is its combination of a powerful streaming trading platform with an easy-to-use rich interface that is approachable to investors allowing them to efficiently trade a wide range of asset classes all in one account. Xtend defines an entirely new trading experience – much more intimate, efficient and intuitive.

We are proud of optionsXpress’ track record of making options and futures trading accessible for all levels of traders. Xtend continues that tradition by making it easier to access the same research, analytic tools, and trading strategies as professional traders in an easy-to-customize trading platform.”

Sairam Rangachari, chief innovation officer of options at Xpress, said: “We are creating a new paradigm in trading software, this ‘Rich Trading Application’ phenomenon is redefining how people interact with their trading experience. optionsXpress differentiates itself by its customer-driven innovation model — thousands of our customers participated in an open Beta period that led to radical advances in the platform.”