Pershing, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), has launched its Manager Gateway, a combined digital solution for simplified account access and smooth delivery process.

Pershing’s Manager Gateway follows its earlier offering Manager Workstation and is set to help asset managers in handling service requests and orders, reducing duplicative efforts and the platform automatically collects and processes the information on behalf of the clients.

Pershing global strategy and product management director Sarah Chain said: “Demand for model portfolios continues to rise, as advisors increasingly look to scale their business and focus on delivering added value to clients.

“Manager Gateway will make it easier and more seamless for investment managers to build, manage and deliver models so they can better meet the evolving needs of advisers.”

Chain further added: “One of the primary pain points for investment managers is the time they spend replicating models for different clients. Manager Gateway simplifies the client service experience so that model providers only need to enter models once before they’re automatically routed to investment professionals.”

Manager Gateway features enhanced workstation application and workflow tool

Investment management firm said that its Manager Gateway features an intuitive user interface and includes an enhanced workstation application and a workflow tool.

The workstation application simplifies day-to-day processes for investment managers and the workflow tool facilitates model providers to create, manage and deliver models for investment professionals.

The Manager Gateway is available to all investment managers on the company’s managed accounts platform and requires a single ID to access all accounts, account details, billing, corporate actions, transactions and on-demand performance reports.

The solution also avoids the need for comingled manager codes, delivering better efficiencies to active sleeve managers through a single portal access.

The new model workflow functionality of Manager Gateway has been designed to automate the historically manual process of delivering models and supports the customisable configurations and workflows.

Pershing said that its Manager Gateway features a completely redesigned user interface, with new features including type-ahead, expanded search, and on-demand access to reports.

In addition, the managers are allowed to customise their view using new context search criteria based on firm, style, investment professional and/or account.