Petra Financial and Acotelsa have entered into a deal to market Touchstone Mobile in Spain and Latin America (with focus on Mexico) and developing Latin American countries. Reportedly, Touchstone Mobile comes with an international payment validation that validates data at the point of initiation, reducing errors, and resulting in a fully routed STP transaction from a mobile device.

Touchstone Mobile is reported to allow the interaction with banking services for customers with the Apple iPhone and iTouch; BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve; and 3G and WiFi enabled phones.

Pedro Jose Aires, CEO of Acotelsa, said: “We have been very aware that in Spain and Latin America, there are many banks that address the needs of high net worth individuals; both dedicated Private Banks and Retail Banks with Private Banking divisions. These banks have been using browser and SMS based mobile applications, which have reached their limits with regards to the needs of sophisticated and wealthy clients. The opportunity to provide a very complete, intuitive, yet easy to use mobile banking application on smart-phones is exactly what the market needs.”

David Sinclair, CEO of Petra Financial, said: “Touchstone Mobile is the perfect solution for C-level executives who have sophisticated needs, and are used to the best levels of service, speed, and performance; but want simplicity in managing their finances. Touchstone Mobile gives them a full financial services platform on their smart-phone such as the iPhone or BlackBerry that is really easy to use, and will deliver what they need, when they need it, wherever they are.”

Petra Financial is a global software company developing solutions in payments and mobile banking. Petra Financial customers include HSBC, National Australia Group, ABSA, First National Bank and Mizuho.

Acotelsa is a Spain-based consulting, integration and services company, operating in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Panama and with customers in Latin America.