The Fiveyear Saver offers a dual investment system, which is ideal for investors who have become more cautious due to recent stock market jitters. Customers who take advantage of this offer, which closes on January 11, 2008, will see their money managed in two ways. Half of their deposit earns a very competitive 7.5% gross/AER per annum for the five-year fixed-term period. The other half benefits from a 50% return on any increase in the FTSE-100 Index over the five-year period.

Richard Norman, director of savings and investments at the Post Office, said: Although many investors are seeking to benefit from gains in the stock market, they also want a guarantee that they won’t lose their money. This is why we are pleased to announce the launch of a new five year savings bond with an even better rate of interest.

Post Office Fiveyear Saver is a secure investment which gives a guaranteed return, while still offering the growth potential of the FTSE-100 Index. There is no risk of losing your original deposit and you can invest from just GBP500.