Phillip Johnson will be the owner and operator of this new PrimeSource Mortgage (PSM) branch. Mr Johnson has plans in place for further expansion into Kansas City, Missouri.

Mr Johnson, who has over 30 years of mortgage experience, has begun his career with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company where he ‘learned the value of personal property’. Later, Mr Johnson began to focus on life, health, and investments with Mutual of New York. Phillip Johnson was awarded the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce customer service award.

Mr Johnson said: I am able to realize my life dream of helping people achieve and realize their dreams of financial independence and home ownership. With backing of a larger company with programs to put me above the competition, such as the NWBO platforms and PushMX Software, I am able to offer outstanding service and great products. I appreciate that PSMI is also licensed in 24 states which expands my own outreach.