Endace Analytics is based on pilot from CACE technologies and is built on Wireshark, an open-source protocol analyzer. It is an analytics tool built for analyzing 10Gb/s Ethernet segments. The application runs on Endace’s multi-application platform that enables organizations to power multiple applications from the same 100% accurate data source.

Moreover, RealTick required the ability to generate accurate reporting of packet rates and bandwidth utilization on network segments, combined with a network monitoring and analytics solution that offered a multi-user interface.

Armin Roeseler, head of global infrastructure at RealTick, said: “We selected Endace Analytics as our analytics tool of choice not only because of its highly accurate 10Gb/s packet capture and precise time stamping, but also because of the richness and intuitive nature of the user interface. In our business it’s imperative that we are able to see every packet and detect every microburst in real-time, to stay ahead of the capacity curve.

“Endace Analytics gives us accurate and actionable data, which enables us to respond proactively to changes in network status quickly and effectively, thereby maintaining our high level of service for our trading partners and clients.”

Mike Riley, CEO of Endace, said: “Working to help provide RealTick achieve an unparalleled network experience in a highly competitive and time-sensitive marketplace is yet another example of the power and importance of 100% accurate packet capture and further reinforces our position as a leading technology provider in the financial services marketplace.”

Endace is a global provider of packet capture and analysis solutions based on proprietary DAG (Data Acquisition and Generation) packet capture technology.