ID Vault provides single-click, secure sign-on to financial sites, eliminating exposure to online fraud through its end-to-end, continuous protection, regardless of whether or not the anti-virus software or browser is able to identify a threat. ID Vault creates a secure chain from the PC to the website no matter what compromise may have occurred on the PC or the network. The product is built on a fully integrated, easy-to-use, three-tier protection architecture.

ID Vault stores all account user names and passwords in an encrypted, secure software vault on the PC. This data is accessible only via a user-defined PIN, which is authenticated by White Sky servers, providing two-factor authentication. ID Vault automates the sign-in procedure, protecting consumers from Trojan, keylogging, screen scraping and other attacks.

White Sky’s proprietary ID Vault trusted network continually monitors a ‘white list’ of over 8,000 trusted and verified financial and e-commerce web sites. When consumers open a site using ID Vault, they cannot be redirected, nor have credentials submitted to fraudulent sites.

ID Vault’s SecureView safety browser is used to open the financial or shopping site, protecting against malicious plug-ins and other browser-based threats. SecureView provides a safe connection for consumers’ online transactions.

Specifically, ID Vault free edition will allow Sun National Bank customers to store and protect up to five online accounts and one credit card account at no cost.

Tom Townsend, EVP and chief banking officer at Sun National Bank, said: “After conducting extensive research, we have selected ID Vault as a partner to provide the most effective, value-added identity protection solution.”

David Watkins, CEO of White Sky, said: “The fear of online identity theft keeps many customers from enjoying the benefits of online banking, and justifiably so, given that such attacks have tripled in the past five years.”