German digital financial technology provider Wirecard has announced the launch of a new mobile app for consumers in North America who are using the company’s payout solutions.

Wirecard is a provider of payout solutions in North America, and its solution is being used by clients such as Mary Kay, WestJet, Liberty Mutual and Isuzu Trucks.

The new Wirecard app enables cardholders to seamlessly track related balances and payment activities on their mobile device, taking advantage of digital personal finance management.

As part of Wirecard’s drive to promote the digital transformation of payments, the mobile app is also intended to provide an integrative financial experience globally.

The company claimed that it kept the needs and preferences of end-users in mind while designing the app to ensure the flexibility to co-brand with its clients.

The new Wirecard app promises speed, choice and convenience

The new app, which is available free of cost for Android and iOS devices, promises speed, choice and convenience to end-users, irrespective of whether they are receiving earnings, consumer incentives, or a one-time refund.

Cardholders can use the app to view their account history, balances as well as payment and transaction details.

Using an ATM locator, customers can find the nearest facility to withdraw cash from their pre-paid debit accounts.

Users will also be able to access Wirecard’s 24/7/365 multilingual customer service.

Both Wirecard’s card solutions and the mobile app support the company’s global strategy of digitalization, its expansion into new markets, and its commitment to enhancing the digital payment experience for all.

Wirecard North America managing director Seth Brennan said: “The new app provides a simple and intuitive, fully digital financial experience that integrates with our existing payout solutions.

“We are excited to offer cardholders the latest digital tools to help them manage their Wirecard accounts more seamlessly. Wirecard’s goal has always been to increase accessibility through investments in digital innovation.

“The mobile app is the latest piece of an ongoing effort to make cashless payments available to everyone.”