WOO, an ecosystem of aligned products, including the WOOFi protocol and WOO X, a top global crypto centralized exchange, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Yei Finance, the largest money market on the Sei network. This collaboration under the WOO Innovation Hub aims to advance blockchain lending and borrowing solutions, enhancing user experience and capital efficiency.

The partnership between the WOO Innovation Hub and Yei Finance seeks to leverage each other’s strengths to drive innovation in blockchain financial services. This mutually beneficial collaboration will enrich the WOO Innovation Hub’s ecosystem, incorporating Yei Finance’s advanced protocols and dynamic systems.

Abby Huang, WOO Innovation Hub Lead, stated: “We are excited to welcome Yei Finance to the WOO Innovation Hub. Yei Finance’s growth and commitment to improving blockchain efficiency align well with our objectives. We believe this partnership will contribute to developing more user-friendly financial solutions. WOO will be working closely with Yei Finance on key market penetrations, bringing innovative products and exclusive incentives to both Yei and WOO users.”

Yei Finance has quickly established itself on the Sei network, achieving significant growth shortly after its launch. Built on robust foundational elements, Yei Finance offers essential features catering to developers’ and traders’ use cases. Yei’s mission focuses on expanding asset support and ensuring depositor security while its innovative platform facilitates highly customizable operations.

Yei Finance’s offerings include a reward system that incentivizes users for various activities, enhancing platform engagement and loyalty. Yei ensures robust asset protection through stringent security measures, with future developments promising additional advanced features.