The joint effort will provide knowledge sharing with the aim of leveraging Gemalto’s international experience in areas such as secure electronic identity and mobile financial services, to help governments gain wider access to technology, expertise and practices.

Mohsen Khalil, director of global information and communication technologies department at World Bank, said: “The eTransform Initiative marks a change in the way that the World Bank helps developing countries. Rather than offering only our own expertise to countries, this initiative connects countries with the best experts from around the world drawn from governments, the private sector and academia. We welcome Gemalto’s expertise and look forward to their contribution in this partnership to help countries foster economic development.”

Olivier Piou, CEO of Gemalto, said: “Gemalto is sincerely proud to be a member of the World Bank’s eTransform Initiative, it’s a noble social role. Our unrivalled experience and digital security expertise can make a real difference for governments looking to leverage the information and communication technologies power to benefit their citizens’ lives.”