Instant payment solutions company Zimpler has announced a technical partnership set-up with Swish, a Swedish payment app, to bolster merchant payment efficiency and growth.

The collaboration is aimed at offering an optimised payment solution to Zimpler’s merchants. The new offering will leverage the strengths of Zimpler’s account-to-account (A2A) payments and Swish’s seamless transaction capabilities.

According to Zimpler, major banking partners will have a significant role in the partnership by delivering the critical infrastructure required for seamless integrations.

The synergy of fintech innovation and established banking networks is expected to set a new standard for integrated payment solutions in the Nordic region, said the company.

Established in 2012 as a collaboration between Sweden’s largest banks, Swish is said to be Sweden’s go-to mobile payment service and one of the largest payment solutions in Europe.

Swish CEO Urban Höglund said: “We are excited to welcome Zimpler to the Swish family as a technical partner.”

“Our 8.5 million users are used to instant and reliable payments and this partnership strengthen just that, with a seamless, fast and secure payment experience. Together, we aim to enhance efficiency for merchants and their customers.”

The partnership will also guarantee smooth and reliable payments for fast-moving industries by bringing together Zimpler’s A2A solution for larger transactions and Swish’s efficiency for smaller payments.

Both parties will also address transaction limits and reduce errors to ensure successful payments as well as minimise drop-offs.

Besides, the collaboration will improve the user experience to support businesses in expanding and thriving in the Swedish market.

The combination of Swish’s efficiency in handling small transactions with Zimpler’s A2A solution for larger transactions will allow merchants to make smooth and reliable payments, decrease errors, and bolster conversion rates.

Zimpler CEO Johan Strand said: “Our partnership with Swish allows us to offer a comprehensive payment solution that addresses the needs of both small and large transactions.

“This collaboration ensures that our merchants can provide a frictionless payment experience to their customers, significantly improving efficiency and satisfaction.”