How we address banking industry challenges in commercial buildings

Energy and sustainability: Set, meet and exceed corporate energy and sustainability targets for your commercial buildings through our range of services – including data management – to turn this vision into your business reality.

Digital transformation: Invest in new digital banking services and rebalance spending for lower operational costs, while ensuring infrastructure reliability, carbon reduction and peak energy efficiency in your commercial buildings.

Operational risk management: Improve business continuity and compliance in the wake of rapidly evolving environmental regulations and consumer protection needs, through a reliable physical infrastructure.

Schneider Electric solutions for smart buildings in banking

Corporate social responsibility: Meet the requirements for sustainability metrics, reporting and corporate transparency. Our solutions include: sustainability strategic planning workshops; Resource Advisor energy and sustainability software; remote energy monitoring services; energy efficiency consulting services; energy procurement services; and utility bill management services.

Intelligent and secure bank buildings: Maximise the value and efficiency of assets throughout a building’s life cycle, and create productive, state-of-the-art workspaces for traders, analysts, developers, and other financial commercial building staff. Our innovations for building automation and management systems make bank buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, regardless of size. Schneider Electric’s smart buildings solutions include: EcoStruxure Building Advisor on-site and connected services; EcoStruxure Building Operation software; EcoStruxure Security Expert software and access control; EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor; room control solutions; and connected electrical distribution.

Financial data centres and micro data centres: Data centers and infrastructure must be reliable and secure for IT and digital banking. Safeguard customer information in both cloud and on-premise data centres as well as on trading floors and in branch operations. Data centres and critical infrastructure must be reliable, secure and available to successfully deliver internal IT services and digital banking services. Data centre solutions include prefabricated and modular data centers, hyperpod rack-ready data centers, lithium ion batteries, data center lifecycle services, data centre operation software, data centre expert software and EcoStruxure Building Operation software.

Smarter bank branches and ATMs: Banks with large networks of branches and offices need to optimise relevant energy and operational costs. Branches can represent 40–80% of corporate energy spend, with legacy sites requiring extensive energy conservation measures. These spaces can represent high operational costs, and regardless of the size of your financial institution, branch energy consumption remains one of the largest operational expenses. To maximise profits, energy costs must be optimised at the branch level and across the portfolio. Lastly, it is imperative that ATM networks are safe and available for clients when they need them.  Schneider Electric’s solutions include: Smart-UPS; video surveillance; NetBotz rack access; EcoStruxure Building Operation; and Data Centre Expert software.

What our customers say

Seylan Development Corporation, Sri Lanka

Real estate development subsidiary of Seylan Bank reduces energy consumption with EcoStruxure Building Operation and services

“We had a goal to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption, and we achieved that within the first year. The information is real-time and it has benefitted our operations” – Major Palitha Saputhanthri, general manager, SDPLC

Blackstone Group, NY, USA

Renowned private equity firm uses energy consumption data from EcoStruxure Resource Advisor to make decisions on the profitability of its investments

“The sectors that I tend to serve are the sectors that have the largest environmental footprint. I have to set priorities carefully and Schneider Electric helps me do that.” – Don Anderson, chief sustainability officer, Blackstone Group

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