PCS Custody is a state-of-art solution, built with leading-edge industry development tools, that fully covers the custodial operations, providing almost limitless scalability and robust functionality. The PCS Custody platform is customisable and scalable, and has the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing client and market needs providing a wide range of functionality for all local and global custodian services.

Hellenic Postbank’s selection of PCS Custody is the latest example of the market’s confidence in PCS’s innovative solutions and services. George Xenofos, managing director of PCS stated: “We are immensely honored to have been entrusted by the management of Hellenic Postbank, especially with the tight and serious competition in place and the current difficult economic conjuncture.”

Hellenic Postbank is now added in the list of PCS’s banking customers in the Balkans that have selected the PCS Custody Platform, following Volksbank (Romania), EFG Eurobank (Greece), HSBC (Greece), Bancpost (Romania), Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd (Cyprus), Eurobank Tekfen (Turkey), Postbank (Bulgaria), Bank of Cyprus (Greece), Eurobank EFG Stedionica (Serbia), Proton Bank (Greece) and Hellenic Bank (Greece).